2020 Cathay Bank FTC Grant

For budget tight FTC teams in DFW area, this grant provides $250 monetary support to cover FTC 2020-2021 Ultimate Goal season related expenses for each recipient FTC team, such as team registration fee, robot components, tournament registration fee. There are four grants available.

The teams also have opportunity to be mentored by a world class FTC team TechnicBots.

The conditions of the grant include:

  • display the FLYSET and Cathay Bank logos on team shirt
  • acknowledge the grant, FLYSET.org and sponsor Cathay Bank on social media
  • provide team activity photo with acknowledgement to Cathay Bank

If you would like to be considered, please fill out the form below by 8/13/2020. The recipient teams of the grant will be announced at 2020 FLYSET Virtual FTC workshop on 8/22/2020.