2021 FLYSET Virtual FTC Workshop

Date: 10/2/2021
Time: 12:50pm – 5:00pm (US Central Daylight Saving Time)
Location: Virtual on Zoom

In this year’s workshop, we have the presentations in the following tracks:

  • Keynote speakers from DEKA Research and Fedex
  • Keynote speaker: FIRST in Texas North Texas Program Delivery Partner Lon Cherryholmes
  • NEW Texas Cup Game Analysis from Winning Alliance and Finalist Alliance Drivers
  • Beginner technical track topics
  • Advanced technical track topics
  • CAD technical track topics
  • NEW FIRST Global Challenge track topics

Workshop Program

Individual Workshop Registration

Please register at this google form to receive detailed workshop session schedule and zoom info.

Product Giveaways
Two $25.00 Store Coupons for goBILDA (Winners: FTC Team 19567 and FTC team 7172)
goBILDA Dark Matter Hoodie (Winner: Aditya Rao)
5203 series Yellow Jacket Motors (set of 2) (Winner: FTC team 11472 )
72mm Gecko Wheels (set of 2) (Winner: FTC team 202101481 Maximum Resistance)
Two $25.00 Store Coupons for AndyMark (Winners: FTC team 19852 and FTC team 11472 )
Two $25.00 Amazon Gift Cards sponsored by ACP Foundation (Winners: David Liu, Aleks Skibicki)
One $25.00 Amazon Gift Card sponsored by FLYSET (Winner: Team Nicaragua – Arianne Villavicenco)


Workshop Session Recordings (full playlist)