2022 Cargo Connect North Texas Hybrid FLL Scrimmage

FRC Team 5212 TAMSFORMERS (Texas Academy of Math and Science) and
FTC Team 18227 Area 52 (ACP-Foundation.org) are co-hosting
2022 Cargo Connect North Texas Hybrid FLL Scrimmage,
with support from FTC Team 8565 Technicbots (FLYSET.org).


  • 1/8/2022 12:00-4:00pm: In person robot games with limited participants from each team.
  • 1/9/2022 2:00-4:30pm: Remote judging sessions via zoom.


16 FLL Challenge teams


QD Academy, 4100 Legacy Dr, Plano, TX 75024

Pandemic Related Notes:

  • Teams should prepare for an in person judging format (as all North Texas Qualifiers are in person tournaments) but present to the scrimmage judges via zoom (it is our effort to reduce the gathering as much as possible). Prepare good microphone.
  • For the in person matches, we will only allow limited team members and coaches into the venue. We are trying to setup streaming so parents can watch on their phones.


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Hosting teams: