2018 Youth Robotics Fair

Date: 5/20/18

Time: 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm

Place: QD Academy

4100 Legacy Drive, Plano, 75024

Do you want to learn how to drive a world-class robot? Navigate robots through mazes physically or virtually?  Race Lego cars? Model robotics parts firsthand on a computer? Have a blast sumo wrestling different robots? If any of these interests you, come to our 4th annual Youth Robotics Fair, where we will be hosting these activities and much more! It is FREE for participants of all ages, and there will also be prizes for each winner in their respective categories.


Lego Race Car Challenge (On-spot sign-up)

NEW: Make Me Happy – machine learning with IBM WatsonAssistant (On-spot sign-up)

Bring your own Ipad for Robot Virtual World Exploration (No sign-up required) Download Link

3D Design Experience with PTC (On-spot sign-up)

Android EV3 Robot Maze Challenge (On-spot sign-up)

Spartan Robot Maze Challenge (On-spot sign-up)

Virtual ROOMBA Challenge with Python (On-spot sign-up)

Bring Your Own Robot for Robo-sumo Wrestling (In-advance sign-up required)
Link to the Rules

Bring Your Own Robot for a Line follower Challenge (In-advance sign-up required)
Link to the Rules

NEW: Prosthetic Limb Experience (On-spot sign-up)

Drive FTC Relic Recovery Robots (First come First serve)

NEW:  Robot Showcases with FRC Powerup Robot and  FTC Velocity Vortex Robot

(semifinalist at FIRST World Championship 2017)

Current Sign-up Sheets

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