Youth Lead Youth

We don’t use kids to build robots; we use robots to build kids.

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Our mission is to inspire and motivate young people to pursue education in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) through demonstrating, teaching and mentoring. The organization builds on a “Youth lead Youth” model and aims to cultivate the next generation of passionate and skilled youth leaders who will bring impact to the community in STEM.
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ACP is a leading partner for FLYSET in the mentoring and team-building space. Over the span of six years, ACP has utilized the assistance of FLYSET personnel, experience and resources to build out a world-class FIRST robotics program with hundreds of participants from all ages and experiences.
With an extensive range of resources and an intensive interest in reaching under-served communities, the Dallas Police Department works closely with FLYSET to bring STEM+robotics demonstrations and teaching-sessions to areas or demographics that do not normally have the resources to try these activities.