2020 Covid-19 Relief Effort

The COVID-19 pandmeic has affected all aspects of life and wellness in America. In these uncertain times, FLYSET.org has dedicated itself to assisting in the fight against COVID-19 and the healthcare crisis. We have broken up this task into four initiatives:

(Front #1) We are helping connect clinics with the Chinese community donation organizations (ACP Foundation and DFW CARE) to receive PPE such as surgical masks, N95 masks, gloves, gowns and googles. If you have urgent need, please contact us info@flyset.org

(Front #2) We are working with a few local FTC teams (8565, 11472, 7172, 11341, 11366), a local FRC team (6171) and Prof. Bin Hu of UTD in 3D printing the following face shield and ear guards for donation to Health Care professionals. If you have need, please fill in the request form:


We are running fundraiser to raise fund to cover 3D printer filaments. You can donate directly by quick pay to info@flyset.org or go to gofundme campaign. We have donated 1900+ face shields and 3700+ ear guards to 45+ hospitals/clinics. (Process)

Any FIRST teams with 3D printing capability, welcome to join our effort! Please fill in this google form to indicate your team’s interest:


Face Shield User Info Documents:

Current Prusa Model (use standard 3 hole puncher pattern)

Earlier Budmen model (hole guide)

(Front #3) We are contributing to folding@home to find cure for covid-19. You are welcome to join our team (Flyset: 256564) to contribute your idle computing power at home.


(Front #4) We are hosting weekly Virtual Robotics Fun Hour event to bring robotics fun to kids at home. We will have FTC team members to share online resources for robotics, robot design/building/CAD highlights and a fun RoboCode Virtual Battle where participants can submit their Java based Robot code for the battle (recommended for 6th grader and up though all ages of spectators are welcome). Please register for receiving the zoom meeting info to join the event (meeting info will be sent one day before the event)

Every Friday at 7pm CDT (4/17/2020 – 7/31/2020 except 7/3/2020).

Register: https://tinyurl.com/8565RoboticsFun

RoboCode Battle:


Slides (playlist):

4/17/2020 slides; recording;

4/24/2020 slides; recording;

5/1/2020 slides; recording;

5/8/2020 slides; recording

5/15/2020 slides; recording

5/22/2020 slides; recording

5/29/2020 slides; recording

6/5/2020 slides; recording

6/12/2020 slides; recording

6/19/2020 slides; recording

6/26/2020 slides; recording

7/10/2020 slides; recording

7/17/2020 slides; recording

7/24/2020 slides; recording

7/31/2020 slides; recording