English Abroad

As our latest development in mission, we are reaching out to more young people worldwide following our “Youth lead Youth” model.

Mission: To provide a real life platform for oversea students to learn English and American culture; an opportunity for American students to practice leadership/communication skills and learn about the oversea youth life

What to Do: Native English Speaking students communicate with oversea students via Skype, Wechat or other Apps. 

Volunteer Qualification: Any Native English Speaking students at Middle School or High School

Participants: Oversea Middle or High School Students

How to Do:

1. Volunteers register in the English Abroad Application Form online. Fill out name, time, topic and contact information.

2. Group organizer sends out volunteer list regularly to oversea students.

3. Oversea students choose an appropriate session and send a request to Group organizer to participate.

4. Group organizer puts the list together, then informs both volunteer and participants. The volunteer can host the session alone or with other volunteers. Each session will be grouped with 1-2 volunteers  and 1-5 oversea participants. 

5. At the scheduled time, both volunteer and participants will meet online. The volunteer will lead the discussion, and can choose any discussion topic they like. Usually each session lasts 30 minutes.